What is Spirituality?

“World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in the USA was hit by hijacked planes in 09/11 (2001)….Three London subway trains and a bus were blown by four al-Qaeda-inspired suicide bombers in 7/7 (2004)…..Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis were attacked by a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in 11/13 (2015)”

The above news headlines shocked the world; affecting peace, security of human beings on earth-our religious and spiritual concerns are at the top of agenda in this modern, civilized world. So, question does arise, why this happening? Our inability to sense the spirituality lies at the heart of all these human catastropies and disasters on this planet, Earth. So, what is ‘Spirituality’? In summary, the term ‘spirituality’ means search for ‘Sacred’ or ‘Transcendence’. Understandably ‘religion’ or ‘religiousness’ appears to be a novel way to reach the ‘Sacred’ or ‘Transcendence’. However, while being religious paves the way of being spiritual; the practice of religion has different modes, tradtions in different religions. These different traditions could sometimes appear to be confusing, even misleading that is often drifted from originality.

Spirituality in broad term involves the awareness of our existence in where we are i.e. in place, community, society, country, states, earth and in the universe. It is our sense of ‘connectedness’ ‘humanness’, ‘wholeness’. So, it is not a question whether we as human being are religious or not, the main focus about spirituality appears to be whether or not we are aware of our origin, existence and future where we are heading to. How we as human beings came here on earth, why we are here, what is our ultimate purpose and where we are going? Our awarness, understanding about these questions lie at the centre of Spirituality. This understanding and awarness of spirituality ultimately determines our  search for ‘Sacred’ which may or may not necessarily determined by religion only.

Is religiosity/spirituality related to cognitive process in health and well-being?

(a concept paper presented at St Johns College, Durham University. 28 Jan 2016): available on request.

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